Reliable Lock Performance For Successful Coupling

FW35 TwinLock™ design immediately captures the kingpin preventing
impact bounce out for a quick and successful coupling.

  • Exclusive TwinLock™ design is your best bet to prevent a dropped trailer.
  • Add another level of coupling safety with the optional ELI-te™ lock indicator feature.

TwinLock Design

The FW35 with exclusive TwinLock
design is your best bet to prevent
a dropped trailer.

Holland FW35 Features

  1. TwinLock™ Design
    Quick coupling action of the exclusive TwinLock™ design increases driver confidence.
  2. Visible Lock Indicator
    Provides driver with a clear visual indicator when lock mechanism is properly closed around kingpin.
  3. Articulation Pocket NoLube™ Liners
    Reduce maintenance and assists in longer top plate life.
  4. Cast Steel Top Plate
    Optimized casting process yields a higher maximum strength to weight ratio.
  5. EZ-Grip™ Drop Release Handle
    Prevents damage to handle when mis-coupled – preventing costly
    downtime repairs.

Holland FW35 – The Most Versatile Fifth Wheel on Earth!

Durable cast steel FW35 Series fifth wheels offer fleets more features and options for more applications than any other fifth wheel in the industry.

The widest application versatility with the largest number of options. Including – AirRelease, No-Tilt, NoLube™, Low Lube & Kompensator®.

Superior Lock System Design

  1. High Coupling Protection
    Lock system protects against coupling at an improper height.
  2. Much Greater Kingpin-to-Lock Contact
    Provides driver with a clear visual indicator when lock mechanism is properly closed around kingpin.
  3. Forged/Cast Steel Locks
    Rear lock is forged, hardened, and machined steel.
    Front lock is machined and hardened wear-resistant alloy.
  4. Precision Machining of Lock Mechanism/Kingpin Interface
    Provides a safe, reliable coupling to reduce the possibility of coupling failure due to the unique fifth wheel lock jaw technology.

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6 Years 600,000 Miles

The HOLLAND FW35 Series is guaranteed for 6 Years / 600,000 Miles to provide maximum operation performance.

In the unlikely case of wear requiring lock mechanism
replacement, SAF-HOLLAND will cover the cost of parts, labor and freight.*

Mounting Option


HOLLAND stationary fifth wheel mounts are designed for applications where the axle loading, kingpin setting and vehicle combination length all remain constant throughout the fleet.

Mounting Option


HOLLAND Integrated Low-Weight Slider System (ILS) utilizes a lighter weight, no welding modular design to provide significant weight savings and easy height change.

Vocational Mounting Option

The HOLLAND Severe-Duty Slider System for Fifth Wheels is the highest capacity slider system in the industry.

Vocational Mounting Option

The world’s only mounting system designed to relieve the force created in rigid trailers on uneven terrain.

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